New microphone. Good microphone.

Sandberg releases a new PC microphone on the market. The primary target group is gamers, but anyone who needs to record high quality sound can benefit from this microphone. For example, it can greatly increase the quality of a YouTube video.

The microphone is supplied with a tripod and plugs into the USB connector of both Windows and Mac computers.

The design of the microphone focuses on high quality sound and hardware. The microphone itself is made of metal.

Brand Director Anders Partida Petersen, says: “There’s actually not that much to tell about this microphone. We’re totally down to the basics, where the main intention has been to make a nice product that produces a good sound. No more and no less. There are no brightly coloured LEDs, macros or fancy effect programmes. It is quite simply just a good microphone with a tripod.”

The Sandberg Streamer USB Desk Microphone is on its way to stores now. Users can find a local dealer on the Sandberg website: .

Item no.: 126-09
65.99 €
RRP incl. VAT